Hike from

Lissos to Anidri

Information about the hike

One of the island’s lesser-known but equally enchanting experiences is the hike from Lissos to Anidri, a journey that takes you through the heart of Crete’s unspoiled natural beauty and rich history.


The hike begins in Lissos, an ancient city that once served as a healing center in the Hellenistic period, known for its temple dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine. Today, Lissos is an archaeological site nestled in a serene bay, accessible only by boat or on foot. The remnants of the temple, Roman necropolis, and mosaics are testaments to the area’s historical significance.


As you ascend towards Anidri, the panoramic vistas become increasingly spectacular. Anidri itself is a charming traditional Cretan village, known for its old schoolhouse turned into a café and its beautiful 14th-century church, Agios Georgios. The church is famous for its well-preserved Byzantine frescoes, which are considered some of the finest in Crete.


In Anidri, hikers can relax and enjoy the local hospitality. The village’s café offers a chance to sample traditional Cretan dishes and refreshments, a well-deserved treat after the hike. The area is also a starting point for other trails, including the Anidri Gorge, a less traveled but stunningly beautiful route.