The gorge of

Agia Irini

Information about the gorge of Agia Irini

In Crete’s Chania region, there’s a special spot many overlook – the Agia Irini Gorge. Just a stone’s throw from the village of Sougia, this gorge stretches for 7.5 kilometers and offers a peaceful alternative to the bustling Samaria Gorge.

What sets Agia Irini apart? Its calm. While many tourists flock to Crete’s more known sites, this gorge remains a place for quiet reflection. As you walk, tall pine trees and ancient plane trees shade your path. You’ll also notice the sounds – birds singing and leaves rustling softly in the breeze.

There’s history here too. The gorge takes its name from a nearby village and has ties to old monasteries and tales of hidden refuges from long ago.

And when your trek through Agia Irini ends, a treat awaits: the sight of the calm Libyan Sea. It’s a fitting close to a journey in one of Crete’s lesser-known but equally enchanting places.

Location of the gorge of Agia Irini