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Information about the gorge of Samaria

The Samaria Gorge sits in Crete’s southwestern corner, earning its title as “The Grand Canyon of Europe”. This 16-kilometer marvel impresses with both its vast scale and pristine beauty.

When you start in the village of Omalos, towering cliffs and rugged mountains immediately embrace you. Delving deeper into the gorge, the rock walls seem to draw closer, making you feel as if you’re inside a massive natural cathedral.

The gorge boasts an exceptional biodiversity. As you hike the trail, vibrant wildflowers and fragrant herbs greet you, and you might even spot the rare kri-kri, a native Cretan goat. This diverse ecosystem enhances your trek.

At the gorge’s end, the peaceful village of Agia Roumeli awaits. Here, by the Libyan Sea’s clear blue waters and pristine beaches, you’ll find the perfect place to unwind.

But the Samaria Gorge provides more than a physical challenge. It’s a soulful journey. With majestic vistas around you, serene river crossings beneath, and a profound sense of solitude, it becomes a space for reflection.

As a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it’s crucial to protect the gorge’s distinct habitats. So, hikers should move cautiously, protect the delicate environment, and ensure they leave no trace.

Location of the gorge of Samaria